LinguSocial : One Of The Most Magical Things You’ll See Online All Year


You know how sometimes, you’ll see something on the Internet that just looks like magic? Like, say, the first time you saw Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone, or the first time you ever experienced VR, or hey, even the first time you ever got Rick-Rolled.

These types of discoveries don’t happen so often anymore – if you’ve been on the Internet a while, very little can actually make you sit up straight and say “wow… that’s cool.” That is, until you try out LinguSocial for the first time.

Marcel Goya – one of the busy tech types on 90 Main Yard’s top floor – has been toiling away at The Next Big Thing in how people communicate around the world for the past couple of years; finally, LinguSocial has gone into public beta, and you’ve TOTALLY got to try it out.

What is LinguSocial?

In a nutshell, imagine you need to make a call/text to a landline, or a mobile, or open a video chat to someone in China, but you only speak German and Portuguese. No problem. You simply open LinguSocial , start talking, and let Marcel’s clever beast take care of the rest. Lingusocial translates voice, video or text, to or from most of the major languages (and variations, the list ever expanding), and it’s fast.

People who may have tried machine-based translation in the past might remember the several seconds of delay with a frown… not knock off rolex Lingusocial. Very, very quick. Oh, and if that’s not impressive enough : it doesn’t require any additional software required. In a world first, LinguSocial will work straight from any browser — no plug-ins required — and not only speak to your friends/customers in whatever language they need at their end, but will also provide a straight-up text log of the entire conversation on-screen.

It’s super-simple to use (if you already know how to perform tasks such as “dial a number”) and looks/works great, fake breitling for remarkably low rates. Basically, this thing Marcel has been tinkering at during his trademark early-mornings-late-nights at Main Yard lately? It’s definitely going to make a massive splash, and right now, if you jump in while it’s in Beta,  replica watches for men you can be one of the first to try it out.

Definitely give it a whirl, even if you only have a little long-forgotten high-school French under your belt. It looks, and works, like magic… a rare thing to find and experience on the Internet in this day and age.

Congratulations Marcel – we’re all looking forward to seeing your clever little brain-child take over the world!


For more information about Lingusocial, please visit:

Sign up for the public beta : click here.